The invisible man

  The invisible man is a popular online flash casino game that anyone can play. This game is one of many types of mystery games that can be played on the online casino. Like other mystery games, The Invisible Man requires strategy and thinking to play well. While this game »

Carnaval forever

  The Carnaval Forever is a highly attractive video slot machine from Brazil. It is similar to many other online casino games in the carnival tradition. It involves a simple graphical interface, consisting mainly of the machine, an array of icons (which vary in color), and a series of symbols. »

Jingle spin

  Jingle Spin is a casino game played at the Happy Cow Resort Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name Jingle Spin is a reference to the song, “iator” by The Monkees. The Jingle Spin spins around a wheel and then randomly chooses letters. The more letters that are chosen, »