Carnaval forever


The Carnaval Forever is a highly attractive video slot machine from Brazil. It is similar to many other online casino games in the carnival tradition. It involves a simple graphical interface, consisting mainly of the machine, an array of icons (which vary in color), and a series of symbols. Game instructions are given in the text, and instructions are often in a scrolling text format. When reels are pulled on this machine, colorful lights dance around the screen, accompanied by cheerful music.

Carnaval Forever differs from other video slot machines in the carnival tradition in that it does not use coins as payment, instead using CUC (cash equivalent) money. This means that money obtained from the previous game play can be withdrawn and used to purchase future selections. In addition, this machine is unique because it has a feature that allows players who have won additional Cucapahte Coins by winning at Carnaval Forever to claim these coins from the jackpot instead of keeping them as prize money.

The symbol of carnival Forever that appears on the reels is a stylized representation of a crown, hence the name “crown” Carnaval. This crown is actually part of the graphics on the machine, and is not part of any actual decoration on the machine. The symbols on the icons on the screen are intended to resemble the colors of the traditional carnival; green, white, purple, black, gold, and orange. This particular combination of colors was chosen to represent the main colors of the traditional carnival.