Jingle spin


Jingle Spin is a casino game played at the Happy Cow Resort Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name Jingle Spin is a reference to the song, “iator” by The Monkees. The Jingle Spin spins around a wheel and then randomly chooses letters. The more letters that are chosen, the higher the prize that can be won.

When you first glance at the game, there’s one thing that seems to immediately stand out. No, it s not just the googly eyed gang of little gnomes (although they are really gnomes). It s the large colorful rotating wheel, operated by the fat, googly-eyed Elf-man; possibly he s the casino s general manager? Either way, the fat gnome is the person who dictates the outcome of the jingle spin.

There are also a few extra factors that can give a player an advantage over other players. First, some players have the “spots” that signify certain times on a number of the jingle spins that are designated as being having specific outcomes. These players often wait at these points in order to try and get their maximum win per spin, which can increase their chances of winning. In addition, some slots that have a max of three free spins at a time will occasionally offer a free spin bonus; while others will not.