Joker strike


Stop the mischievious mischiefmaker and take back the last laugh with latest release Joker Strike. The slick 5-slot machine with gorgeous graphics has a black outer wheel upon which additional prizes can be earned, while each time a logo is land successfully, another set of symbols appears on the grid to earn further wins. The colorful joker is shown in a dark blue background with four vertical yellow lines, representing the four corners of the reel, to show when a jackpot prize is up for grabs. The layout of the game is attractive, bright and colorful to get the players interested, especially children. It has joker icons throughout with flashing images that are superimposed over the normal casino style icons to emphasize the joker concept.

Playing this game is absolutely simple, as all it requires is a basic computer with a Java program installed to play it. The game requires a standard deck of 52 cards and it does not include any special cards like the “meta-jack” or the “Super-Hopper” found in some of the other slot machines like Video Poker and Lotto Max. This is a joker strike only slot machine that does not contain icons, thus making it not a micro slot or a regular slot. You do not have to read the directions to learn how to play this game. With a simple push of a button, the familiar joker face jumps out at you to start your turn and the familiar story begins.

This game is a high quality slot machine game available for online play from sites with good net security to protect your credit card information. The game gives you a chance to explore your hidden entertainment talents as well as finding out if you have what it takes to become a winner. In the world of winning combination’s, this is definitely one of the best available. Learning how to win this game may take a little bit of time but the effort is worth it once you get the winning combination! You will be able to cash in your wins and even build up a nice little balance to get even bigger jackpots. With a little practice and patience, you should have no trouble hitting on the joker strike video slot machines jackpot.