Miss midas


The 100% money match up to $2021, if you get lucky enough, could easily become the most exciting feature to the slot machine game called Miss Midas. If you find yourself really intrigued by this Super Bet feature, you’re not alone! Had no idea what this feature offered, when first stumbled upon the casino game, but soon it quickly became clear. Information on both the good points and the not so good, is located around this page, as well as a review on where to actually play for real money.

There are many things that make the game of Miss Midas so enjoyable. Firstly, there are numerous categories that are accessible. This way you can check out which of the features are of interest to you. After that, you’ll be presented with a screen that offers you a list of the available multiplier options that are on offer for that particular category. You can select any of them and use them to gain multipliers of all types from there.

Another fun way to enjoy the game of Miss Midas is through the inclusion of a number of control panel icons. When clicked, these will bring up a range of options that are available with each of them, depending upon how they are clicked. Some icons will increase your chances of winning, some will decrease them and some will give you a combination of both. There are even icons that will activate a random number generator to choose your actual winning bet. With such a range of options available in the control panel, you really have a lot of flexibility within the game of miss midas.