Unicorn legend


The main action in Unicorn Legend takes place on the four reels, where each reel starts out facing a symbol. You’ll notice that each symbol has an arrow pointing to it on the reel, so you can always tell which symbol the reel is facing by paying attention. When this indicator is on the line, it means that the reel is facing in the direction that indicates that it should end up winning a jackpot of a certain amount. You need to use the icons on the left hand side to indicate which symbol on the reels are facing. The symbols are arranged in a clockwise rotation, which means that whenever you see a symbol on one of the reels you can be pretty sure that it is going to win something. This gives the game a nice “feel” as it progresses.

You can earn up to $25 paylines when playing the online version of Unicorns Casino. The four girls that you can play with include Belle, Cassiopeia, Uni, and Yasmin, who all have special upgrade buttons on their icons that will upgrade them to the next higher level once you have enough coins to do so. This means that every time you play you will be earning a new and higher prize!